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VICE: Why are Young Thug and Gunna still in jail?

Two months after Young Thug and Gunna were arrested on RICO charges in Atlanta, the two rappers remain in jail. VICE turned to Chris Timmons for an explanation of the case, and what options Young Thug and Gunna have going forward including how likely it is that they’ll be released on bond before they head to trial.

Timmons told VICE, “From looking at the judge’s decision, probably the biggest factor was intimidation of witnesses. The state proffered evidence that witnesses were being intimidated, the judge found that proffer credible, and he decided to reject bond as a result of that. I wasn’t surprised.”

But notably, VICE writes, “attorneys for Young Thug offered to go to great lengths to demonstrate he wouldn’t be a flight risk and wouldn’t harm witnesses if he were released on bond, from wearing an ankle monitor, to getting off-duty cops to make sure he didn’t leave his house, to having his communications monitored. Timmons explained that while an ankle monitor is a standard tactic, the other measures offered would not be fully sufficient to prevent someone from making communications that threaten witnesses. Gunna, who made similar offerings to the court, was likewise denied release.

Timmons added, “They’ve got great lawyers, and they may find a way to pull a rabbit out of their hat. But I think it is likely they will remain in custody until the time of their trial.”

To read the full article, please visit VICE online here.

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